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Speaking and media

I undertake a range of speaking engagements, some public and some private.

As a speaker

‘The Corporate Angel’ – Beverley Jones

brings to your organisation her honest and truthful account of how following a thirty year highly successful corporate career ended one sunny afternoon in June 2009.

It was on this afternoon she was told she was suffering from depression and severe anxiety bought on by a series of events in her life, in essence she had succumbed to a

‘Corporate Crash’ – Burnout!

Beverley takes you along her inspirational and motivational journey, through her success as a senior manager, even though she left school with only four C.S.E’s, twenty one house moves in twenty four years and onto her dark duvet days of depression.

During her talks she leads you along her personal road to recovery and beyond, courageously demonstrating how an ordinary life can become extraordinary and how experience can indeed be the greatest gift.

Beverley’s experience has led her to now live her dream of becoming a published author and successful business owner and it is through these avenues that she has and continues to help many others to understand that riches start within and not without in the material, physical world.

When Beverley has talked at events she has literally changed lives and given others the courage to stand up and speak up about the struggles they are having in their personal lives.  It is through this they gain assistance to manage their lives, mental illnesses and their future.

‘Brave, inspiring, honest and fun’ is how many have described this lady who always brings laughter and positivity to any audience she speaks to.

During my time as a business owner and volunteer I have spoken to many organisations and at many events.  These include the South Wales Police, the Welsh Water Board, the NHS, the WI, Schools and Colleges.

Check out where you can hear me speak below or BOOK ME to attend your event where I can share with your audience a motivational and inspirational talk that can uplift and literally change lives……

Read what others say

Enable Works

Joining Enable Works in Malvern to deliver talk on my journey through Corporate Burnout and how it changed my life.


Womens Institute

21 house moves in 24 years

A story of how my life has taken me through many cities, houses and jobs to end up back where I started!

Westbourne School Penarth

My journey as an entrepreneur - the highs and lows of owning and running your own business.


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