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Starting and running a business in the early years can often be a tough journey, so why walk it alone when help is on hand?

Those first roller coaster years of starting and running your business are often the most stressful and confusing.

  • How do you attract customers?
  • How much should you spend on advertising, where should you advertise?
  • What’s the difference between marketing and advertising?
  • What is networking, how often should you go along, what should your return be?
  • Do you need social media?
  • Where do I meet those that can help me?
  • Should I get a mentor? If so why are they so expensive?
Do any of these sound familiar? The list of questions is endless.
Awaken Business Club
At the Awaken Business Club we are here to help at an affordable cost to you.

Choose from our yearly membership group which through our monthly meetings which are held in the picturesque village of Raglan in South Wales, we will cover a topic a month so you can start to unpick the brambles of running a business; you will receive an hours mentoring and hear from an industry expert on the monthly topic to guide you on your road ahead.

You will also be given an opportunity to meet and network with other business owners all who share the same questions.

This is a safe place where you can discuss openly and confidentially how it really feels to be you in your business. Having a bad week tell us about it and we will support you through, having a hugely successful week tell us about it and we will share your celebrations.

Or you can benefit from the Awaken Business Club in the following ways by booking a VIP Business Day or joining us at one of our events.

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Business Club


  • Meeting on the first Tuesday each month
  • Choice of two timings
    8am or 10:30am
  • A light breakfast
  • One hour group mentoring
  • Advice from Industry Expert
  • Crib sheet to take away
  • Confidentiality is assured

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  • A full transformational 1-1 Day
  • Lunch
  • Work on your business
  • Discover how to empower your mind
  • Focus on your goals
  • Gain clarity
  • Speed up Success

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Business Club


A new initiative for business owners aimed at growing and enhancing your business, coming soon...

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Customers Say

  • I signed up to a six month business/life coaching mentorship course with Bev. My business needed focus and direction, so did I. With Bev's input people are now commenting on my positivity and my direction is clear. With visualisation things have just been 'happening!' Call it what you will - but because of Bev and by listening and working with her I am focussed on what I want and it's all happening! Cheers Bev :)

    Wendy Lilygreen - Creative Director and international photographer, Stables Photography
  • Just a quick note to say thank you for yesterday's 'Stand out in Front of the Crowd' April 2014, workshop. I really enjoyed it and feel a lot better about public speaking now. I will certainly be seeing you again to work on other aspects of business coaching.

    Anyway, wishing you huge success and I'll think of you each time I put my coat of confidence on.

    Sarah Jones -The Chocolate Strawberry
  • Bev has been instrumental in helping me set up and establish my business. As a coach and mentor she has kept me focussed on my objectives and outcomes. She has provided expert advice based on sound knowledge and has been a true champion

    Marcus Grodentz - Novus Coaching Executive Consultant, Life Coach and Speaker

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