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Lanson Champagne – What’s the Story?

Lanson Champagne – What’s the Story?

Lanson Champagne – What’s the Story?


If you like Champagne, you usually have a favourite. Lanson is my favourite for many reasons although I do of course like the taste.

Back in the day when I worked in the corporate industry, I would treat myself every monthly pay day to a bottle of Lanson. I would enjoy it with friends and celebrate all that life had to offer. I was able to do this as I was on a good salary and money was free flowing (as was the champagne)

That all changed ten years ago when I crashed out of my corporate career with burnout.

Not only did I not feel like celebrating life much any more I could no longer afford the price of a monthly bottle of champagne. Losing my job as a result of my mental health meant losing the pay cheque that came with it!

Going from a hefty monthly payday to a £100 per week ESA (Employment Support Allowance) meant that I couldn’t cover the £800 mortgage let alone a bottle of champagne. Things were tough back then, everyday hurt and I thought I would never know peace of mind nor happiness again.

At the start of 2010 I was basically homeless (due to dry rot in my apartment), I was jobless (losing my job as a result of my health), I was single (my partner left me two days before Christmas) basically my life felt that it was stuck in a downward spiral from which I would never recover.

I spent New Years Eve with friends and vowed that I would never have another 2009 again! It was that night I made the decisions that would change my life.

Fast forward a decade and wow what a story I now have to tell.

I started my own business in 2010 from the basement in my flat, I now run a busy Ltd Company from my office in Cwmbran; I have become a published author when my book ‘Made it Thru the Rain’ was published in 2012; I am an active volunteer for a number of charities; I have written eBooks and now write for local newspapers; I had my own radio show for a year till the station closed and now looking to launch a podcast series;I have spoken to thousands as an award winning speaker, changing lives with my story, won awards for business mentoring and over the years worked with such great customers / clients.

I have met many new people some famous, some not yet famous and some who never want to be famous – each one has added something to my life and to all I am grateful.

In my personal life I have been blessed!

In 2011 I moved back to my childhood home village to be near my parents, I am grateful EVERY DAY for these two wonderful people who have stuck by me every minute of every day through thick and thin; never questioning only supporting every decision I have ever made.

2011 also saw me back in a relationship with my first boyfriend (back in 1980), he is certainly my rock and one which again sees me extend gratitude too EVERY DAY. He also shared the gift of his two amazing children, trust me these two are the nicest, kindest step-children you could wish for.

Along with this I have been surrounded by my fantastic family and friends, all who have helped me along the way.

So for the first time in 10 years I bought myself a bottle of Lanson to celebrate the turning of the decade not only to celebrate being able to afford to but to celebrate the greatest learning decade of my life which without the Corporate Burnout would never have taken place.

Cheers and here’s wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Successful 2020 (and decade) ahead.


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