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How experience can be the greatest gift!

How experience can be the greatest gift!

How experience can be the greatest gift!


It was a sunny day in June when I walked into the doctors in tears, on walking out again I had been diagnosed with clinical depression and severe anxiety brought on my burnout!

There was part of me that felt relief that having felt something was wrong for a while it finally had a name whilst the other part of me felt a complete and utter failure. I felt I had those who cared about me the most down, I had let me friends down, my colleagues down but most of all I had let myself down.

I was a mess, life was a mess and the black hole I was falling into felt deeper by the day!

The positive happy, go lucky, confident person I once was now a negative, sad individual who just wanted to curl up under the duvet and stay there for ever.

I now recongnise at that time the 7 signs I wasn’t coping were there for all to see; Isolation, paranoia, loneliness, sadness, personality changes, physical illness and anger had all overshadowed my life for the previous two years. During this time no one had approached me to talk about them and I certainly hadn’t reached out to tell anyone how it really felt inside.

It is now nine years since I travelled that bleak road and today I use my experience to help others. I tell my story, I write about it and engage others in conversation when appropriate, all this is done to encourage others to do the same.

I would never have thought that the burnout I experience I went through would indeed turn out to be a gift I pass on to reach out and help those who too may be struggling to find their voice.

If you would like more information about the seven signs please download the eBook available here on the website.

Remember with this being Mental Health Awareness Week, reach out and talk about Mental Health after all communication is the best medication.



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