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Don' quit the Daydream

Don' quit the Daydream

Don' quit the Daydream

Recently I was given a gift for my birthday of a t.shirt with the above written on the front.

I have to say that many times over the last eight years I have thought about doing just that, however I didn’t. When the rollercoaster ride of being a business owner got a little rocky I held on just a bit tighter and I am so glad I did for Today the 2nd August 2018 I celebrate eight years in business, not always a easy journey but boy it has been worth it.

I live my daydream every day, a daydream that sees me help others, a daydream where I in fact have the life I desire, has it always been this way? No…….

In 2009 I crashed out of my 30 year corporate career, a career that had seen my work across Ireland and the UK, a career that had seen me manage teams of up to 200 staff and a career that had in the end burnt me out.

I started Awaken with a daydream, a vision and a goal. I was lucky I had support from family and friends then along the way met business owners who all helped to support me on my business path. I have and continue to be blessed with lovely clients / contacts all of whom it has been a pleasure to meet and work with.

I still have daydreams to fulfil, one of which is to own a Mercedes in the year 2020 which will coincide with my 10 year business anniversary, earlier this year I was lucky enough to have one to test drive and I can tell you now I am already enjoying the thought of having my own delivered.

The key to any daydream becoming reality is to believe that one day it can be your reality, don’t ever think otherwise, be determined, be focussed and take inspired action towards your goal and trust me you can achieve it.

Your mind knows no difference between vision and reality so I encourage you today and everyday – hold on tight and

Don’t quit the Daydream

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